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The Eyes of Heaven

Reviewed by , January 24, 2015

There are times when the truth may be out there, but getting people to believe it is another matter. This play illustrates that truth with a moving family drama about a girl with a seemingly impossible story and the darker truths that can keep the truth buried.

In Huron County, Eloise (Lila Ciesielski), a teenage girl of a widowed family, gets home late from a party and can only explain herself with a strange story that her mother, Glenn (Martha Zimmerman), refuses to believe. Things get worse when Christine (Aimee Adler), a young reporter, manipulates Eloise …

The Normal Heart

Reviewed by , January 17, 2015

The first scene takes place in a waiting room. There are four chairs on one side and three panes of white walls to create the illusion of a room. Two canvasses with handwriting sit on the wall, and a coat hanger is in the middle of the room. The set design is malleable, and it is important in this play as places change frequently throughout and there is a lot of back-and-forth between the same places.

In the waiting room are three men sitting, looking anxious and uncomfortable. They have good reason to be, as it seems that gays are suffering from a rare illness. They are concerned about the epidemic.

Ned Weeks (Kyle Stewart), the main protagonist, is especially worried about it. Just as …

Shrek: The Musical

Reviewed by , December 2, 2014

Reviewed by Mary Alderson

Fun for the kids, while Mom & Dad have some laughs, too!

The Grand Theatre is beautiful—from the plush red velvet seats to the ornate fresco of renaissance style painting richly gracing the elaborate proscenium arch. Culture and class have a home at the Grand. Theatre greats such …

Wally Duffield’s 2007 Chris Doty Award citation

By , November 3, 2014

The gentleman I’m honoured to introduce to you this evening, on behalf of the Brickenden Awards Committee, is known to everyone who attends almost any arts event in London! And I can tell you that he is loved by everyone. The accolades I’ve heard have been unanimously glowing in praise of his contributions to the arts and also of his delightful personality.

I’ve known Wally Duffield since the early …

JUDY: Stonewalled!

Reviewed by , October 24, 2014

JUDY: Stonewalled! was shown to a full house last Friday at McManus Studio at the Grand Theatre.

As soon as the audience enters the theatre, they are inside a vintage bar in New York City. There are three chandeliers on the ceiling and about six strands of Christmas lights of various sizes. The mood is warm and festive, with musicians playing at the back of the stage while the public sits down.

JUDY: Stonewalled! was originally showcased in a bar, and while McManus Studio is definitely not a watering hole, …