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London Fringe 16: Opening weekend reviews

Reviewed by , , , , , , , and , June 13, 2015

Theatre in London’s team of volunteer reviewers is ready to see and review every show in the 2015 London Fringe before the end of the opening weekend. (By Sunday morning, in fact.) Each review will initially be posted to the Fringe website, and they’ll all be archived here after the festival ends. They’ll also be in this week’s edition of The London Yodeller, along with their own coverage. Keep an eye on @theatreinlondon and the #ldnfringe hashtag on social media.…

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Reviewed by , June 11, 2015

The creative process and its element of inspiration can be elusive, and the lure of cliche character is always an unconscious attraction to fall into. The play is an enjoyably surreal illustration of that idea as stock character meets writer and both find a way to be more than either on their terms.

I came into this play expecting a rip-off of the film Ruby Sparks, and had my expectations pleasingly upended. Instead, I was treated to a wonderfully eccentric character story about creativity that challenges all the stereotypes of fiction for its own observations. In doing so, it is able to poke fun at and …

The Untitled Sam Mullins Project

Reviewed by , June 10, 2015

Sometimes the most impulsive statements you can make can be the truest. This play is an intriguingly bittersweet testament of that fact as Sam Mullins tells four tales based on such ideas.

Given that all we know from these tales is what Mullins says, there is a certain feeling of embellishment to them. However, they are told with a certain frank spirit that sells it easily to the audience, such as the first story where Mullins has to endure the kind of role that no modern actor would want to be caught dead doing, unless you are a thespian genius like Robert Downey Jr. with a great screenplay backing you up. [And even then, …

A Story of O’s

Reviewed by , June 9, 2015

Phone sex is a commercial side of pornography that has proved oddly durable in this age of easy online communication. Tonya Jone Miller grants an intriguing revealing look at this inherently enigmatic side of the sex industry where human sexuality is comes forth in the strangest and most uninhibited ways.

Considering most people’s idea of what phone sex is extends at best to the 1991 music video for Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion, Miller’s own story is a telling one. What follows is a amusing story about her making a living facilitating the most bizarre sexual kinks of callers, using only her voice, which becomes acting work of a kind she never anticipated …

One Giant Leap

Reviewed by , June 8, 2015

Cosmology, and the sheer philosophical grandeur it can evoke, can too often been rendered seemingly mundane by inadequate telling of the universe’s beauty. Thankfully, this dance show treats you to a magnificent display of kinetic art that feeds the mind as it fills your senses.

Where interpretive dance performance too often comes off as either obtuse or superficial, this show has a gloriously cerebral spiritualism with recordings of some of our time’s finest thinkers, like the stars of two generations’ versions of Cosmos, Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson. With such brilliant intellectual musings about the grand scheme of existence playing, the dancers confidently display a singular confidence that …