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Blue Suede Shoes — The King, The Colonel, The Memories

Reviewed by , October 18, 2014

Elvis is in the Building

Elvis is in the building, and he has the passionate audience to prove it. Blue Suede Shoes — The King, The Colonel, The Memories kicks off the new season at the Grand Theatre, and if opening night is any indication, this show will bring in enthusiastic crowds.

The show is basically Elvis in concert, with the story of his life narrated by his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

Roy LeBlanc, originally from London, is well known in the competitive world of Elvis impersonators. He first won the Collingwood Elvis …

Lost Soul Stroll 2014

Reviewed by , October 7, 2014

With October coming around again, London has another visitation of ghosts telling lurid tales of the Forest City’s past. This year’s version features some vivid storytelling and drama, but is hampered with a radically different venue that dissipates much of the atmosphere of the show.

Starting with an opening act hosted by the ghost of the notorious theatre impresario, Ambrose Small, as he, with his secretary and his sister, playfully attempt to solve the …

Noises Off

Reviewed by , October 5, 2014

Good theatrical farce is an art that can be tough to perform with the wild physicality involved. A finely tuned balance is needed to pull that kind of theatre off without it feeling forced. As it happens, the LCP appears to be facing that kind of struggle themselves and the result is a sincere, but fitfully funny, slapstick comedy show that seems to be a bit overearnest in its efforts.

The crew of the comedy show Nothing On is into its final dress rehearsals, but they are …

The Addams Family

Reviewed by , September 22, 2014

Talented Young Performers in a “Ghastly” Show

Da-da-da-dum-snap-snap! Da-da-da-dum-snap-snap!

As soon as you hear that familiar Addams Family theme song, you know it’s going to be an evening of fun. This is truly a musical for all ages—young people will remember the 1991 movie, which made the rounds on VHS and DVD so anyone under 35 knows it well. Those of us who grew up in the sixties are very familiar with the TV show. And the older folks may remember the original comics which were popular in the forties and fifties.

The Addams Family is the opposite of normal. They love dark cloudy days and live in a haunted house with a dungeon. They never smile unless they are being tortured and take delight …

The Addams Family

Reviewed by , September 20, 2014

How can a half-hour television series, broadcast in black and white and cancelled after two seasons fifty years ago, still hold appeal for a modern audience?

It comes down to character, and does The Addams Family ever have a bunch of them. Which is a good thing, because the musical’s overlapping cookie-cutter storylines on their own wouldn’t make it past a pilot episode.

Loosely narrated by Uncle Fester (Ben Kopp), the play doesn’t pull specifics from any particular episodes or the two films (its Wikipedia entry says it’s based on artist Charles Addams’ drawings). It certainly seems like it does, and perhaps other family sitcoms like The Brady Bunch and The Simpsons to boot. The characterizations are closely based on their filmed incarnations: for example, …