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Ten Chimneys

Reviewed by , June 22, 2014

The art of acting is to present oneself into a role and live it to the best of your talent. However, when you place too much emphasis on your art over real life, you learn you are forever improvising, with reality writing the script. This play is an amusing and touching comedy of an actors’ household of people trying such a situation and facing their own troubles with it.

In 1938, the noted acting couple Alfred Lunt (Simon Goodwin) and Lynn Fontanne (Dinah Watts) are researching their roles for Anton Chekhov’s The

The 2014 Fringe Awards

By , June 15, 2014

London Fringe Festival 2014

The 2014 Fringe Awards were announced at tonight’s Fringe Fried awards ceremony. The “TiLees” baseball caps, featuring a new logo designed by Walter Sayers, were presented in eight categories; the first five, selected by Theatre in’s team of volunteer reviewers, went to:

Outstanding Show
High Tea
Outstanding Individual Performance
Jayson McDonald (World War Three)
Outstanding Cast (tie)
Concrete Kid
Judy: Stonewalled
Most Daring Show
I Hate Bill Pats
Funniest Show (tie)
2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Private Dick
God Is A Scottish Drag Queen

The Impresario category of awards is based on the highest ticket sales (i.e. actual dollar amount) at each venue. This year’s Impresario TiLees were presented to:

Venue 1
2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Private Dick
Venue 2
Ladies Room

London Fringe 15: Opening weekend reviews

By , , , , , , and , June 8, 2014

London Fringe Festival 2014

As we’ve done for the last several years, Theatre in London will have a team of volunteers reviewing every show in the 15th London Fringe Festival over the opening weekend. Each review will initially be posted to the Fringe website, and they’ll all be archived here after the festival ends. Keep an eye on @theatreinlondon and the #ldnfringe hashtag on social media.

June 4: Due to a glitch in the Fringe website’s comment system, I’ll post the first few here. June 6: Comments are working on the Fringe site again. Go forth and have your say!

Academia Nuts

Academia Nuts is a well-acted piece about sexuality and academia that unfortunately falters thanks to a script too weak to stand.

Elements of the show were …

Fringe Binge

By , June 4, 2014

London Fringe Festival 2014

To my knowledge, Wally Duffield and I are the only people crazy enough to have seen every show in a given year’s London Fringe Festival. (I’ve only done it once, despite trying for four years; Wally did several times.) It’s not necessarily the best way to see the Fringe—it’s surprising how tiring being entertained for ten straight days can be—but for those who are foolhardy enough to try, it is possible.

Bryan McLennon has come up with one way to see everything this year, and still have time left over:

all shows at Venue 6
all shows at Venue 5
Venue 2
Venue 1
Venue 3
Site A/B

Plus The NO Show each night. You could even fit in …


Reviewed by , May 24, 2014

It’s funny what a combination of projection and anthropomorphism can do to a marriage. That is the essential dramatic meat of this intermittently amusing, if unevenly paced, comic drama about a dog’s effect on a marriage, and the true deeper emotions behind that facade.

An empty nest couple find their marriage put to the test when Greg (David Bogaert) has a mid-life crisis that leads him to adopt a stray dog named Sylvia (Ashley Grech) over the objections of his wife, Kate (Kathleen Morrison). Despite Kate’s complaints, Greg becomes increasingly obsessed with his love for Sylvia to the point …