Rememberin’ Stuff

Remember your first day of school? Your first date? The time your dog ran away or when your best friend suddenly wasn’t your best friend anymore? Memories, wether good, bad or painful, make us who we are. When a group of high school drama students is given the assignment to share their memories, the result is an ecclectic collection of hilarious, heart-felt, serious, intense and inspiring scenes. From an improbable first date to a candlelight service for a departed friend. From selling Girl Scout cookies to dealing with divorce to learning the art of baseball. Your audience and cast will find their own memories sparked by these creative vignettes. The highly flexible cast and minimal set requirements make this a snap to rehearse and produce. The roles can be designed to be any size depending on your cast size and range from simple to challenging. If you wish, the play may even be shortened by using only selected scenes. A truly ’memorable’ play!