Doty’s Decisions for 2002

Theatre critic Christopher Doty didn’t see every play that was staged in London this year, but his record is impressive. As an end-of-the-year tribute to London theatre artists, he has chosen his top five picks for 2002 in each of ten categories. On January 1st, 2003, his top choice in each category will be announced, and these will be recognized as winners of the first set of Brickenden Awards.

Another set of ten Brickenden Awards will be the people’s choice – selected by a public vote. All theatre-lovers can participate by using the online ballot at

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the short lists for the first annual Brickenden Awards, as selected by Christopher Doty.

Best Production – As You Like It (UWO Summer Shakespeare), Her Worship (Ausable Theatre), The Deluxe Illustrated Body (three black ring), The History of the Devil (Theatre Nemesis), The Laramie Project (Fountainhead Theatreworks)

Best Director – Dawn Penner (The History of the Devil), Jayson McDonald (The Deluxe Illustrated Body), Jeff Culbert (Her Worship), John Gerry (The Laramie Project), Scott Holden-Jones (As You Like It)

Best Original Script – Caitlin Murphy (Post), Eric Woolfe (The Strange and Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom), J. G. De Souza (My Name is Mr. Jones), Jayson McDonald and Lil Malinich (The Deluxe Illustrated Body), Peter Desbarats (Her Worship)

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Christopher Kevill (As You Like It), Jeff Culbert (Work), John Turner (Her Worship), Matt Martin (Aloha Rodeo), Tyler Parr (The Story of the Gentle Rain Food Co-op)

Best Actress in a Leading Role – Anne-Marie Caicco (Mercury), Lucy Williams (Grace), Martha Zimmerman (Wrong for Each Other), Rachel Holden-Jones (Post), Virginia Pratten (Her Worship)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Don Fleckser (The Story of The Gentle Rain Food Co-op), Justin Peter Quesnelle (The Laramie Project), Paul Myers (The History of the Devil), Simon Goodwin (The Mousetrap), Willie Thomas (The Laramie Project)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Audrey Davenport (The Deluxe Illustrated Body), Julie Seip (The Laramie Project), Lesleigh Turner (Moon Over Buffalo), Lorissa Sinasac (The History of the Devil), Shannon Eizinga (The History of the Devil)

Best Comedy Production – Channel Surfing II: The Complete Second Season (Channel Surfing), Chelsea & Boggs: Double-Dealin’ Trouble Doubles (Rubberfunk Theatre), Like a Lead Balloooon (Kosurko Productions), The Continuing Adventures of the Boneyard Man, Episode 68: “A Walk On The Simian Side” (The Natural Broadcasting Company), The Fully Insured Fringe Party: Eat, Drink and Be Scary (Fully Insured)

Best Young Production – Microscopic Men (Weldon Park Academy), The Art of Selecting a Soul-Mate (London Central Secondary School), The Chance of Rain (Original Kids), Truth Improvised (Side Park Productions)

Best Set Design – Cheryl Jennings (Dial M for Murder), Doug Peterman (Her Worship), Rod Keith (Chelsea & Boggs: Head Trip!), Stephen Mitchell (Moon Over Buffalo)

All of these shows were reviewed on the Theatre in London website, so if you missed some of them, take a look.

Congratulations to all of the nominees. Now stay tuned for the winners!