Midnight Sun

by Maja Ardal

Midnight Sun is set in 1942, in Strandvik, a small fictional community in the north of Iceland, which the American forces have occupied and, is seen as a strategic location for defense. These are the days leading up to Midsummer Eve, the time when the sun does not set. There are clashes of cultures between the U.S. military and the small village. The characters have to deal with major changes in their lives and needs of each other. This is a wonderful multi-layered story with fascinating personalities utilizing elements of myth, folklore, original and familiar big band music, and romance, all of which is fresh, dynamic and relevant.

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              1. 12:00 am
                Midnight Sun

                See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2005/04/midnight-sun-2/ for details.

                Location: Palace Theatre

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              Presented by London Community Players

              Location: Palace Theatre