Remembering Jamie: A Tribute to James Crerar Reaney

Hosted by James Stewart Reaney, this evening celebrates the life and work of London author, poet and playwright James Crerar Reaney.

Presentations will include selections from and inspired by J.C. Reaney’s works, including One-Man Masque, Alphabet, The Killdeer, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Great Lakes Suite, Listen to the Wind and Souwesto. Participants include John and Larry Beckwith; Ian Chunn; Jeff Culbert; Lynda Curnoe; Peter Denny and Jane Hysen; David Ferry; Rachel Holden and Virginia Pratten; Steve Holowitz, Oliver Whitehead and Sonja Gustafson; Ann MacMillan; the Nihilist Spasm Band; Leith Peterson; Suzy Turnbull; and Henry Xiong.

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      1. 7:00 pm
        Remembering Jamie: A Tribute to James Crerar Reaney

        See for details.

        Location: Aeolian Hall

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              Location: Aeolian Hall