2 thoughts on “Theatre in London, episode 3”

  1. Jeff Culbert

    In response to my on-air lament that there are so few hockey plays in this hockey-crazy country, I received the following message::

    "Earlier this year, I helped a scholar in Ireland with her thesis on Canadian hockey plays. Here are some that we discussed (in addition to Les Canadiens and Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing):

    Player Pool by Rick Chafe

    Welcome to the NHL by Alan Williams

    Life after Hockey by Kenneth Brown

    Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad by Michael Melski

    The Big League by James Durham

    Hockey Stories for Boys by George Szilzgyi

    Hockey the Musical by Rick Wilson and Justin Demarco"

    Now my question is: Who’s this scholar in Ireland???

  2. damon says:

    interesting idea about hockey plays being a good way to broaden the appeal of theatre. Though at what cost? lol.. I’m personally into theatre largely because I don’t really like sports, and I think that puts me into a bit of a stereotype.. but obviously there’s some cross-pollination.. When was the last time a half-time show was a piece of theatre? Too long ago!

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode, as I have all of them so far.. give me some things to put on my reading list.
    btw.. here is the list of plays if anyone wants to have it all written down like: http://www.mtc.mb.ca/50plays.aspx

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