Fringe Free Press

Just wanted to note Kathy Rumleski’s great Fringe pieces in the London Free Press, featuring Josh Cottrell’s Side Dish, Theatre Nemesis’s Wuthering Heights, and Frank Wilks’ I Am Not Neil Young. (Subsequent columns: Alon Nashman’s Kafka and Son; Good Game Productions’ Kh!; Oddville Theatre Collective’s Welcome to Oddville; Jason McDonald’s Boat Load; Original Kids’ Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

The paper has been pretty good about covering the festival in general, and no fewer than four of the better-known staff are even taking part: Kathy writing articles, James Reaney blogging, Jim Cressman attending performances on behalf of the Brickenden Awards, and Dan Brown participating in Thursday’s FringePosium (along with Fringe performers Jayson McDonald, Glen Callender and Caitlin Murphy, and some other guy who runs a website about theatre in London).