Fringe Press

I’m a little bummed that there’s only one edition of the London Fringe Press being published this year. The shows are more than making up for any disappointment, though; it’s only the third day and already I’m having a tough time narrowing down the choices for the Fringe ballot!

If you can’t decide what to see, the very best thing to do is to ask people what they recommend, especially the ones who are proudly wearing their Fringe buttons or T-shirts from previous years. The next best might be to watch some of the festival videos that the London Free Press is posting. My one nitpick is that, with one exception, they’ve focused entirely on shows that have come from outside London. (Although those are the ones I’ve been in contact with so far too, mainly because they’ve been the people working the lineups with their flyers… London folks, feel free to get in touch….)

And don’t forget the Fringe forums, where there are already 60 posts covering more than 25 shows. While you’re there, feel free to contribute a review of your own, long or short, positive or negative (but constructive, please!). You can always leave a comment here or on the Theatre in London forums too.

See you at the Fringe….