Living on the Edge


Sisters, Sisters
A Sister Song, written by Olive Meharg and performed by the My Sisters’ Place Players.
Living on the Edge Forum Style
The scene opens in the tiny cluttered living room of a low rent apartment occupied by a recently widowed woman (Jenny) and her children. The audience glimpses the challenges faced by Jenny in her attempt to provide the basics for her children—food, a roof, & a stable family life. The story stops when Jenny has lost everything.
The audience is then invited to join the action and change the course of the story.
‘Sista’ Rap
Raps written and performed by Denise Beeswax.
Create an Image of the Perfect Community
Help us create an image of the ‘Perfect Community’.
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            Living on the Edge

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            Location: McManus Stage

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              Presented by My Sisters' Place

              Location: McManus Stage