Theatre in London, episode 8

This edition of Theatre in London On the Air was broadcast on August 5, 2008. In this podcast:

  1. Behind the scenes of Wuthering Heights, which Jeff directed and in which Simon appears.
  2. In the studio, Jayson McDonald talks about his one-man show Boat Load and touring a show across Canada.
  3. Discussion of shows at the Fringe, including The Shawl
  4. Jayson performs a scene from Boat Load.
  5. Christel Bartelse phones in from Cambridge to discuss her background in theatre and clowning, and her Fringe show Chaotica.
  6. Christel performs a scene from Chaotica.
  7. A discussion of the craft of writing stage directions, and the benefits and disadvantages of having a writer present during rehearsals.
  8. Jayson contrasts Fully Insured‘s Fringe show Inappropriately Touched by an Angel with his other work and the continuing “talk show” The No Show.