London to the Max!

LONDON TO THE MAX! is a chance for Londoners to connect with some of the most exciting artists in town in a fabulous concert space, the London City Music Theatre. London, Ontario boasts a fantastic variety of artists in the realms of music, theatre, dance, and visual arts.

Featuring singer-songwriter Steve Hardy; a comic mini-drama by Joan Clayton called “What Do Men Want?”; and from L.B. Pearson School of the Arts, The Pearson Twelve, a group of young singers that’ll knock your socks off. And the “house band” for the occasion is the amazing Joint Effort, featuring two guys who play more instruments at one time than you thought possible!

Special Offer

Take A Friend To The Max! It’s an invitation for Londoners to share the wealth. For those who can afford it, we invite you to buy an additional ticket (or two), to be donated anonymously to someone who can’t afford it but would love to attend. These tickets will be distributed by accredited London agencies to people who could really use them.

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              London to the Max!

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              Location: London City Music Theatre

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