Theatre in London, episode 16

This edition of Theatre in London On the Air was broadcast on November 4, 2008. In this show:

  1. Simon and guest co-host Jason Rip discuss Jason’s recent Spirits of Petersville and other upcoming productions by Theatre Nemesis.
  2. John Iglesias, Kate Harter and Miriam Cummings discuss John’s upcoming production of Closer.
  3. Miriam and John perform a scene from Closer.
  4. Sookie Mei visits to talk about Theatre Soup‘s ten-year history and upcoming production of Agnes of God.
  5. Sookie performs a scene from Agnes of God.
  6. Simon solicits reviews for Theatre in London. (Anyone can post or comment on a review.)
  7. Jason, Sookie and Simon summarize the calendar of upcoming shows.

Sookie’s weekly radio program, The All-Syrup Super Squishee Show, is broadcast on CHRW from 3:30-6pm on Thursdays.

Lil Malinich is currently appearing on All My Children, which can be seen on A weekdays at 1pm.

The next episode of Theatre in London On the Air will be on December 16.