Theatre in London, episode 17

This edition of Theatre in London On the Air was broadcast on December 16, 2008. In this show:

  1. Simon welcomes Jeff back to the broadcast.
  2. Jeff introduces Ashleigh Barney from the Brickenden Awards.
  3. Ashleigh and Jeff give a rundown of the history of the Brickendens, from Chris Doty’s initial naming of best shows of the year to the present nomination and voting process.
  4. A discussion of the registration, nomination and voting processes, and how they address comments from a community meeting several years ago.
  5. Simon, Jeff and Ashleigh comment about the difficulties in scheduling, staging and promoting theatre in London.
  6. Ashleigh provides a preview and explanation of the Brickenden Academy and benefits it may provide to members.
  7. A review of how the London theatre scene has changed in the last 10–15 years.
  8. The group talks about press coverage, marketing and advertising, with particular note of the London Free Press, Ben Benedict (formerly of The Londoner) and John Iglesias’ efforts in getting people to know about Closer.
  9. Comments about new and renovated venues like the London City Music Theatre and the Palace Theatre.
  10. Jeff and Simon list some highlights of the 2008 London theatre season. (Ashleigh refrains due to her association with the awards.)
  11. Simon reviews the list of upcoming productions.

Nominations for the Brickenden Awards can be made now on the Brickendens website. The 2008 Brickenden Awards ceremony will be held on January 26, 2009.

During the broadcast Ashleigh asked for comments about how the Academy can be a fair and effective organization as it relates to nominations. Please add them here, post a note in the forum thread, or hgielhsA liame with your thoughts.