Theatre in London, episode 18

This edition of Theatre in London On the Air was broadcast on January 6, 2009. In this show:

  • Jeff talks about the upcoming Playwrights Cabaret and the history of the event.
  • Simon and Jeff welcome actor, writer and director Josh Cottrell, who discusses his acting background, future goals and directing Home From the Forest.
  • Jeff and Josh talk about Jayson McDonald’s upcoming Great Comedy Go-To.
  • Josh talks about Side Dish, the show that he wrote and put on singlehandedly during the Fringe festival.
  • Simon and Jeff run down the list of upcoming productions and events.
  • Jeff and Simon encourage everyone to vote for the Brickenden Awards, “one of the big theatre parties of the whole year”.
  • Jeff applauds Josh’s performance of Dr. Thomas Cream in Lost Soul Stroll (review) and Jason Rip’s plays involving local history.
  • The trio discusses directing from directors’ and actors’ perspectives, including styles, casting, personalities and other challenges.

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