Theatre in London, episode 19

This edition of Theatre in London On the Air was broadcast on February 3, 2009.

This episode, “New Artistic Directors”, explores the rapid impact of three creative upstarts on the London theatre scene. John Pacheco, who has several years of experience — most notably as part of the Channel Surfing team — was questioned about the new company he is launching in 2009 called Pacheco Theatre; Dariusz Korbiel of Dariusz Entertainment, winner of the 2008 Brickenden Outstanding Director award for his production of The Monument, spoke about his transition from St. Thomas to London and his love of the more challenging material available; and John Iglesias spoke about his ascent from supporting actor to mover and shaker producer with his first full production, Patrick Marber’s Closer.

[Summary adapted from a news item on the Iglesia Productions website]