By Mark Facchin
Starring Mark Facchin; with Ian Andrew, Paul Molnar, Alex Glovochenko; featuring Charmain Splawnyk and Leah Morise

More than simply a “Band on Stage”, Legend offers it’s viewers a multimedia presentation playing video and pictures from John’s life along with the music. John Lennon’s solo material (post 1970) is rich in beautifully written songs and Legend performs them with amazing accuracy, playing such hits as Instant Karma, (Just Like) Starting Over, I’m Losing You, Woman, Imagine, All You Need is Love, I am the Walrus, and many many more!; leaving you singing along to your favourite songs long after you’ve left the theatre. Incorporating some of London’s best musicians, Legend will not leave you disappointed.

Tickets: $18.00 tax included. Available at The Grand Theatre Box Office or Online

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                See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2009/03/legend/ for details.

                Location: McManus Stage

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              Location: McManus Stage