LOAF Awards 2009

Adjudicator Caitlin Murphy and Tiffany

Updated May 1 with pictures from the awards ceremony.

The awards for the tenth annual London One Act Festival were handed out on Sunday, April 26 at the Black Shire Pub. Adjudicator Caitlin Murphy, who reviewed the plays over the last three days of the festival, named the following winners:

Outstanding actor
Matthew McKenzie, Outer Space
Outstanding actress
Lyndsay Simmons, On the Menu
Outstanding supporting actor
Chris Bancroft, Beyond Belief
Outstanding supporting actress
Helena Bartholomew, Sisters
Outstanding Director
Rachael Needles, The Chaos Womb
Outstanding original script
Petryna Venuta, Beyond Belief
Outstanding production
On the Menu

Murphy also presented two special adjudicator’s awards. The first went to Jocelyne Rioux for her outstanding dual performances in Just for You and 7–10 Split; Robyn Rundle Drake received the second for her outstanding first-time direction of 7–10 Split.

Dan Ebbs’ Outer Space won the People’s Choice award, also known as “The Loafie”. Finally, On the Menu‘s playwright, co-director and costume designer Lyndsay Simmons, who was also named outstanding actress, was awarded a scholarship to Theatre Ontario‘s summer program.

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants, and thanks to Caitlin Murphy, the festival volunteers, and organizers Maridon Duncanson, Lesleigh Turner, Janice Johnston, Sookie Mei, Anne Cuthbert, Claire Martin and Deb Chandler, for their hard work.