Sarah’s Daughters

Sarah’s Daughters is a play about the experience of a young Jewish woman whose mother and grandmother died from breast cancer at a young age. It is a play about the woman’s family and her community. Sarah’s Daughters explores the fear with which this woman lives: fear for herself, and fear for her daughters. Sarah’s Daughters brings to the surface ethical issues inherent to genetic testing for cancer genes and, indeed, the genes of all adult-onset inherent conditions.

The play initiates with the audience a conversation and a compassionate appreciation of inherited genetic risk. It is important that powerful genetic knowledge, which infiltrates our lives, not be camouflaged by secrets and lies that are born of fear. The secrecy that trapped previous generations should surrender to the advances in medical knowledge that can unlock opportunities for discourse, informed decisions, and prevention and treatment.

Sarah’s Daughters offers a vehicle through which the love of a family bound by their heritage can soothe truth of such a terrible heritage-linked disease. It tells of a woman’s fear of hereditary breast cancer and audiences may find it emotionally powerful and disturbing.

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                Sarah’s Daughters

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                Location: The Grand Theatre

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