Warning: This review may contain spoilers.
Part of London Fringe Festival 2009
Written and Directed by Steve Stockwell
Presented by Brick Foundations Theatre Troupe
Played by Jake Stockwell, Dan Roberson, Shelley Levi, Emma Wise, Devin Rice
Wolf Performance Hall
June 19–28, 2009

Titania: My new favourite fairy

I have tried to see shows this Fringe which must fall into one, but hopefully some that fulfill a second, criteria. They must be a local theatre company production but I sometimes seek out shows that are not the usual object of much media attention.

With Titania I hit a bull’s eye.

When I read the following program plotline, I thought, if done well, this could prove very interesting: “Two Bantering brothers experience the power of positive and negative thought when their lives are forever changed by a mysterious visitor. Opposites collide, dreamers unite and nothing is certain in this unpredictable comedy.”

Right from the starting gate, the wonderful projection of the two actors who played brothers, Dan Roberson and Jake Stockwell, impressed me. As I zeroed in on Stockwell’s wonderfully quirky mannerisms and voice, it bugged me until I figured out who he reminded me of: a very young Richard Dreyfuss — specifically in two of his best performances in The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz and The Goodbye Girl.

I couldn’t give an actor a higher compliment as I loved Stockwell’s portrayal of a free spirit which bounced well off Roberson’s stiff, straight and narrow portrayal.

I won’t give away any plot line but I will say that the spirit of whimsy and fantasy were wonderfully played out and I bought it hook, line and sinker. I want a Tantania, as played by the delightful Shelley Levi, in my life.

What am I talking about? Like I need another Fairy in my world.

Bumped into someone after watching this show who said of this one, “It’s a bit out there for me.” So you are warned, but I loved every minute of it!

Of the shows I’ve seen at Fringe so far, this is my favourite, and I’ll bet I’ll be a circle of one on this front, my vote for bravest.

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  1. T R INgram says:

    I loved it …..the humor , the wit , the contrast between …..not only the two brother , but the positive and negative elemtents called life !

    Well acted , well written and overall …………….. very entertaining !

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