Theatre in London, episode 25

This edition of Theatre in London On the Air was broadcast on August 4, 2009. In this show:

  1. Co-hosts Simon Goodwin and Jeff Culbert recap and preview Jeff’s Fringe tour of archy and mehitabel and Jayson McDonald’s tour of Boat Load and Fall Fair, and mention former Londoner Serge Saika-Voivod’s Victoria Fringe production.
  2. Writers Richard Nagel, Adam Holowitz and Michael Wilmot talk about their introductions to and history in theatre. (Jeff mentions the upcoming deadline for Playwrights Cabaret submissions.)
  3. The group discusses writing and rewriting shows, requesting and receiving feedback, and the downsides of success.
  4. Richard replies to a phone call from Ena, a prospective writer, about opportunities to learn about becoming a playwright in London, including the recently-founded London Playwrights group and the London Writers Society; Simon also mentions the Theatre in London notice boards.
  5. Jeff clarifies the goals of the Playwrights Cabaret, and the group discusses the challenges of writing a ten-minute play.
  6. The group discusses their favourite writers, including David Mamet, Norm Foster and George F. Walker, Shakespeare, Samuel Beckett, Sam Shepard, Noël Coward and George Bernard Shaw, with diversions into writing dialogue and comedy.
  7. Simon asks about the motivation for writing, and the discussion evolves into one about the development of characters and plot and writing adaptations of other works.
  8. Jeff and Simon run down August’s upcoming events.

Note: the sound quality is occasionally poor in this episode. I’ve tried to clean it up as much as possible.

Near the end Jeff mentions Harold Pinter’s 2005 Nobel lecture: the text of the lecture and a video of it are both available.