You be the judge

The Brickenden Awards are ramping up their annual search for adjudicators. Positions are open on the “core” and touring panels.

As a third-year panellist, I’ve found the experience both rewarding and personally challenging. There’s a lot of very good independent theatre happening in the city and a lot of talented people are involved, so the chance to witness and recognize their work is always welcome.

But I’m not going to lie to you, Marge: it’s not a trivial effort. During the year members of each panel are expected to see all of the productions that are registered in that area; in past years that’s been north of 70 for the core panel, or one every five days on average. Not only that, but they’re expected to evaluate all aspects of the production, from acting and direction to more technical aspects such as lighting and set design.

Ashleigh Barney, the chair of the Brickenden Committee, says “An adjudicator should have an above average knowledge, appreciation and exposure to theatre, be objective, not be involved in any production in any capacity for the duration of their service, and be able to commit to a two year tenure.” For more information on requirements and qualifications for members of the Brickenden adjudication panels or to express your interest, yenraB hgielhsA tcatnoc by October 30, 2009.

If you’ve got the opinions but not the time, perhaps posting a review (on the review forum, in the comments on an event listing, or through your own blogs or tweets or what have you) would be more your style. Because of my Brickenden duties I don’t feel it’s appropriate to write reviews of registered shows (although I’ll occasionally chime in on others) so in large part it’s up to you, the theatre community, to make your thoughts and feelings known.