Auditioning for Musical Theatre

New York director Lanny Mitchell will be teaching a workshop covering the ins and outs of auditioning for Musical Theatre, specifically in New York. Though you may not know it, you know Lanny—from his dance appearances in the music videos for Thriller, Smooth Criminal, and Beat It! A professional performer and director in New York City for over 30 years, Lanny has also had experience on Broadway and prime time television. This is a perfect opportunity for those of you desiring to take your talents to the professional arena to learn the ins and outs of the professional audition process.

Admission is $20 dollars, $15 dollars for Noisy Mime Members. To RSVP a spot, please call 519-663-0547.

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                1. 4:30 pm
                  Auditioning for Musical Theatre

                  See for details.

                  Location: Once Upon a Teacup