A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ public performances began in 1853 as charitable fundraisers, but they soon became a lucrative second career. Dickens’ dramatic presentations of his own works were an enormous sensation in his day. Standing behind a specially designed “reading desk” like the one used in this production, the author acted out his stories playing all the roles and providing narration.

A member of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan, John Huston has had a lively career “culturally misappropriating the works and identities of dead white guys” in Canada and the U.K. As Dickens, he has performed A Christmas Carol over 375 times since 1992.

“I would ask that you imagine you are with a small group of friends, assembled to hear a tale told.” –Charles Dickens

Tickets: $15 adults, $10 children (14 and under). Phone 519-434-0606 or visit www.londonfringe.ca.

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          1. 8:00 pm
            A Christmas Carol

            See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2009/12/a-christmas-carol-3/ for details.

            Location: London Convention Centre Theatre

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