Inside the Arts: Theatre Edition, episode 1

This edition of Inside the Arts: Theatre Edition (formerly Theatre in London On the Air) was broadcast on December 1, 2009. In this show:

  1. Simon and Jeff talk to John Pacheco, director and co-producer of P.S. Your Cat is Dead and founder of Pacheco Theatre.
  2. After a clip from the production, the discussion continues and segues into a chat about promoting theatre in the city and Doubt (including Jeff’s script analysis sessions).
  3. David Ferry joins the group to discuss Reaney Days in the West Room, his collection of James Reaney’s plays, and his introduction to and experiences with the playwright and poet.
  4. The discussion closes with Pacheco Theatre’s (and Theatre Nemesis’s) policy of open casting, the conversion from the rehearsal room to a production space, and sound design.
  5. Jeff and Simon run down the current theatre listings and close the first edition of Inside the Arts: Theatre Edition.

Update January 22, 2010: Andrew Johnson has followed up on the discussion of sound cuing software in this episode on the forum. Thanks Andrew!