The 2009 Brickenden Awards

Host: Jayson McDonald

Tickets: $10, students $5, available at the door.

After-party at The Arts Project – Cash Bar

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      1. 7:00 pm
        The 2009 Brickenden Awards

        See for details.

        Location: Wolf Performance Hall

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              3 thoughts on “The 2009 Brickenden Awards”

              1. Jim Cressman says:

                Please correct the spelling of Dariusz Korbiel. "I before e except after c," a rule not even the Brickenden executive committee could get right in the program. Every attempt should be taken to spell names correctly. I am sure they would not like it if their names were incorrect. And perhaps next time the presenters should be told how to pronounce his name. "CORE-BEAL" The butchering of his name was embarrassment.

              2. TiL Admin

                @Jim Cressman: Dariusz’ name isn’t even in this post, so I’m not sure why you’re commenting here. Note that both first and last names are spelled correctly elsewhere on this website.

                Please address your concerns about the Brickenden program to the organizers; Theatre in is an independent organization.

              3. TiL Admin

                @Jim Cressman: Echoing the committee’s words from the stage during last night’s ceremony, thanks to you and the other departing Brickenden panellists for your contributions to local theatre over the last several years. You’ve helped make the organization what it is today.

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