The Silent City

Picture a musical without the jazz hands. Picture a rock band without the hangover. Now throw in an eclectic mix of catchy songs. The result is Stagehands, a band that combines theatre and pop-rock to create a whole new kind of show. This is Broadway-Rock!

The Silent City tells the story of Stan, a lonely and frustrated songwriter who travels to Laconia, The Land of Entertainment, in search of fame. What Stan finds upon his arrival is a city whose celebrity citizens are forced to wear masks by the evil, all-powerful, yet charming Mayor. By the end of his adventure in Laconia, Stan must face an impossible choice: fighting the Mayor and losing his chance at fame, or wearing the mask and losing himself. The Silent City races through a wide range of musical genres toward a musical finale that will decide Stan’s and Laconia’s fates forever.

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              The Silent City

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              Location: Norma Jean's

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              Presented by Stagehands

              Location: Norma Jean's

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