Improv Cage Match

An event that will make the walls tremble and the earth shake…The Improv Cage Match! Five groups compete in a Survivor-type game where each round a group is eliminated by YOU, the audience. To make it even more exciting, we’re taking the performers out of their respective groups and we’re randomly throwing them into new groups. How dare we interfere so brazenly with the natural order of things! What will happen? Well, anything can happen, it’s improv!

Tickets: $5, or free with ticket to Three Imaginary Boys

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  1. 25
    1. 12:00 am
      Improv Cage Match

      See for details.

      Location: The Black Shire Pub

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            Presented by Approximately 3 Peters, Death Ray Cabaret, Fully Insured, Sexual Tyrannosaurus, and Uncalled For

            Location: The Black Shire Pub