The Big Comedy Go-To 2010

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              The Big Comedy Go-To 2010

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              1 thought on “The Big Comedy Go-To 2010”

              1. Release Date April 07/2010

                Ever get the itch to get up there and tell your story? Think you’re funnier than the clowns on stage? Dying to release some pent-up inner angst in the form of a two minute comic monologue? Well holy bats, here’s your chance!

                It’s the first ever Big Comedy Go-To Comic Monologue Slam! A very friendly and artistically sound "competition" to find London’s next up-and-coming comic humorist.

                HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: The competition will consist of two rounds. The first round will see as many contestants as are interested delivering their best two minute monologue, for the entertainment and edification of a very friendly and probably very attractive audience. A panel of "celebrity" judges (that’s right, "celebrity" judges) will score each monologue on categories such as narrative, humour, presentation, and style. A handful of finalists will then move on to the Finals at the Big Comedy Go-To launch party. Fun!

                Need more incentive? CASH PRIZES, PEOPLE!
                1st prize: $125.00 and everlasting glory
                2nd prize: $75.00 and everlasting notoriety
                3rd prize: $50.00 and temporary notoriety

                THERE’S JUST NO REASON you shouldn’t get in on this. Bring your friends, have a laugh, shed a fear.

                Entry fee is a piddling $5 per contestant. Contestants must be 16+ to participate.

                FIRST ROUND: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14th @ 7pm
                The Black Shire Pub (Upstairs)
                SECOND ROUND: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21 @ 7pm-ish
                The Arts Project

                If you’re not competing, admission to the event is a pay-what-you-can donation to The Big Comedy Go-To. Fun!

                Want to compete? Register by sending us an email at and we’ll fill you in on the full rules and judging particulars. Fun!

                Now get writing!

                Release Date April 07/2010
                ITEM! The Line-up for the 2010 Big Comedy Go-To is almost complete…check it out!

                Paul Hutcheson & Sharon Nowlan (Toronto) – Cabaret
                Jimmy Hogg (U.K.) – Comic Theatre
                Uncalled For (Montreal) – Sketch & Improv
                Sexual Tyrannosaurus (Toronto) – Improv
                Fully Insured (London) – Sketch & Improv
                The Boneyard Man (London) – Comic Theatre
                Kristian Reimer (Toronto) – Stand-up
                Death Ray Cabaret (Toronto) – Sketch
                Matt Martin (London) – Cabaret
                Approximately 3 Peters (Toronto) – Sketch
                Jayson McDonald (London) – Comic Theatre
                Achtung & Verboten (London) – Stand-up
                Mikaela Dyke (Toronto) – Stand-up & Improv

                It’s going to be a siss-boom-whack kind of weekend, so get your beauty sleep! The official schedule is still being finalized but here’s how the weekend is shaping up to look like:

                WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21:
                Launch party and Monologue Slam Finals @ The Arts Project

                THURSDAY, APRIL 22:
                Jayson McDonald’s "Boat Load"
                and The Boneyard Man @ The Arts Project

                FRIDAY, APRIL 23:
                Jimmy Hogg’s "A Brief History of Petty Crime,"
                Paul Hutcheson and Sharon Nowlan’s "Canuck Cabaret" @ The Arts Project

                THE BIG ONE–our most popular event from last year, a stellar line-up of all your favourite Go-To comics @ The Black Shire Pub

                SATURDAY, APRIL 24:
                GROUP THERAPY, a free afternoon panel in which your favourite Go-To comics will reveal their deepest, darkest secrets to Dr. McDonald @ The Arts Project

                Uncalled For’s "Today Is All Your Birthdays,"
                and a sketch comedy triple bill featuring Fully Insured, Approximately 3 Peters and Death Ray Cabaret @ The Arts Project

                Improv triple bill with You Are Awesome (Fully Insured’s improv alter-ego), Sexual Tyrannosaurus and Uncalled For
                @ The Black Shire Pub

                THE IMPROV CAGE MATCH – where we mix and match the Go-To performers to make several groups vying for the title of "Wick-Aws Improvisers" –a game where the audience decides who wins @ The Black Shire Pub

                Full schedule, advance tickets and a new website all coming very, very soon!

                Release Date April 07/2010

                Holy Cats, it takes a lot to put a cute little festival like this together. And here’s your chance to help our festival keep going and growing! Here’s what we need!

                BILLETS! Our shaggy out-of-town acts need a place to crash for the weekend of April 22-24th. Got a spare room, spare bed, spare air mattress, spare couch, spare guest house? Would you like to share your space with the uber-talented, dynamic, charming and engaging troubadors that make The Go-To such a wing-dang good time? Let us know! We’ll be forever in your debt, plus we’ll give you a pass for two tickets to any show at The Go-To as a thank-you. Contact the producer at if you can help!

                FRIENDS OF THE GO-TO! Every little bit helps. If you’d like to make a donation to The Go-To to help us defray the costs of basically everything, drop us a line at We don’t issue receipts, but there are perks:

                Donations of $50 or more scores you recognition as a Friend of The Go-To (score points on your neighbours), a glowing thank-you during our curtain speech at one of our shows (your moment of philanthropic glory) and a pass for two tickets to any show at The Go-To.

                Donations of $100 or more scores you recognition as a Friend of The Go-To, a glowing thank you during our curtain speech at one of our shows, and a Festival Pass, good for one ticket to every show at The Go-To.

                If you’d like to make a donation to The Go-To (and bless your sweet, dear heart), drop us a line at

                CORPORATE PARTNERS! We’re looking for companies and small businesses to partner up with us while we’re young, who may want to grow with us in the coming years. Corporate partners will receive full recognition in print media, curtain speeches, on-site media and more with full logo representation, as well as passes and employee ticket incentives. Please drop us a line at if you’re interested in helping make The Big Comedy Go-To the little festival that could!

                AUDIENCES! As always, the best thing you can do to help keep the festival going is to come out to the shows! Bring your friends, make a night of it! Our line-up this year is top-drawer, and it’s a rare opportunity to see a fine mix of London’s brightest and the best touring artists around.

                Peace Out
                Jayson McDonald
                Artistic Producer
                The Big Comedy Go-To
                April 22-24, 2010
                London, Canada

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