Introduction to Clown workshop

A basic introduction to clown based on the Pochinko technique and the stylings of Canadian Clown. Students will have a chance to physically and vocally discover their inner clown through game and play.

Instructor Christel Bartelse is an actress, clown, comedienne and writer. She has studied clown extensively with Sue Morrison, Phillipe Gaulier, Fancine Cote and extensively with John Turner and Mike Kennard (Mump & Smoot), performing with them in Mump and Smoot in Something with Pugg. Christel teaches physical comedy for the Humber College Comedy Program.

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle and a hat of your choice.

Clown noses will be provided at the workshop.

Enrollment is limited to 15 students — first come first served.

Cost: $70 ($60 for Fringe performers)

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                  Introduction to Clown workshop

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