Venue 5 Impresario performance

The Venue 5 Impresario Performance is Monster.

The closing performances at each venue are the ones that you, the patrons, have chosen as your favourite. The company with the most ticket sales and popular momentum at each venue will be rewarded with an extra show during the final time slot.

Impresario is part fundraiser, with 50% of revenue going back to the Fringe Festival. The other 50% goes directly to the winning companies.

The Impresario shows will be announced on Friday, June 25. Advance tickets are $10, and can be purchased online and at Fringe headquarters. Any remaining tickets will be available at the door 45 minutes before show time. (Sorry, no passes, cash only.)

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  1. 27
    1. 8:00 pm
      Venue 5 Impresario performance

      See for details.

      Location: McManus Stage

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