Inspector Noble and the Figure in Black

It’s a hot night in the old town, and Inspector Sam Noble knows that a quiet night means trouble is brewing.  Sure enough, in twenty-four hours, the famous actress Talia Woodbridge has been robbed and two seemingly unconnected people are attacked by a mysterious figure in black.  The police are stumped.  Who could be behind these crimes?  Was it Big Daddy Johnny Montoya, the famous gangster?  Was it Luke Michaels, the owner of Luke’s Nightclub?  Was it Eduardo, from the grocery store?  Only Inspector Noble and his trusty assistant Griggs can figure out whodunit!

Inspired by films such as Dick Tracy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Casablanca, this play came to life through the urging of the LYTE summer 2009 students, who told Kerry she should “write us a mystery.”

Tickets: $5 for adults, free for children 12 and under; available at the door only starting at noon.

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                  Inspector Noble and the Figure in Black

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                  Location: Palace Theatre


              Presented by LYTE

              Location: Palace Theatre