WODL Minifest Workshop

The Minifest Workshop is an opportunity to see how six groups of different directors, casts and crews solve the problems presented by the play chosen. Far from seeing the same play six times, you can expect six wildly different productions. This year’s selection is Outer Space by Dan Ebbs.

At a downtown telemarketing business in a high-rise, a newly-abandoned office is being repainted. Keener sales staff argues about who the new office is for while a nervous trainee learns the ropes. Through an absentee supervisor, in-house politics, lecherous fellow worker, unrequited love and an unusual painter, the laughs keep coming!

Tickets: $20 for participants (weekend pass to all plays and Saturday lunch), $35 for the awards night dinner.

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              1. 12:00 am
                WODL Minifest Workshop

                See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2010/07/wodl-minifest-workshop/ for details.

                Location: Ingersoll Theatre of Performing Arts

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