Saving Grace

Saving Grace is a modern day story inspired by the life of John Newton, writer of Amazing Grace. O’Grady, a new student, is quickly accepted into Newt’s group of friends and becomes co-lead singer of Newt’s band. Hali and her girlfriends want to win the Front Line Music Contest by joining Newt’s band as well. But Newt and his buddies have already entered the all-guy category, wrecking Hali’s plans of winning Group of the Year. Hali gets revenge though when she learns a big secret about O’Grady that would take the guys right out of the running. In this battle of the sexes, O’Grady teaches the teenagers about life, acceptance, and grace.

Tickets: $5 for adults, free for children 12 and under; available at the door only starting at noon.

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                  Saving Grace

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                  Location: Palace Theatre


              Presented by LYTE

              Location: Palace Theatre