Naked in the Kitchen book launch

The empty nest…a time of promise and trepidation. Middle-aged parents everywhere both eagerly await and utterly dread the moment when the children are gone and they are finally alone again. “Hey…we can be naked in the kitchen!” shifts to “Do we really have anything to say to each other anymore?”

Naked in the Kitchen is a refreshing and unpredictable family drama that mixes rich pathos and erotic playfulness with generous flashes of hilarity. When their only son Michael leaves for college, Beth and Charlie are forced to confront what is left of their eroded marriage. Beth’s mission to finally connect with her husband is thwarted by Charlie’s tender secret. Its clumsy revelation uproots passionate agendas and old hurts and leads to a point of crisis. Michael returns, with an unusual friend and a disclosure of his own. Naked in the Kitchen delights and surprises. Never again will a banana be just a piece of fruit.

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            1. 7:00 pm
              Naked in the Kitchen book launch

              See for details.

              Location: The Black Shire Pub

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