Inside the Arts: Theatre Edition, episode 13

This episode of Inside the Arts: Theatre Edition was broadcast on January 4, 2011. (There was no December broadcast due to inclement weather.) In this show, Jeff and 2011 Brickenden Outstanding Actor nominee Simon talk about awards with Richard Gilmore from The ARTS Project and The Brickenden Awards. Jeff also mentions the Playwrights Cabaret. After Richard highlights this weekend’s staged reading of Masquerade the conversation shifts to touring shows locally around London and region. Theatre Soup‘s Sookie Mei joins in the last quarter, and the conversation moves to the inherently arbitrary nature of awards and the suitability of judging behind-the-scenes categories.

[Note: Sookie mentions that Lady Windermere’s Fan is nominated in the Brickendens’ Outstanding Drama category. Each show’s producer chooses the categories in which a show will be entered at the time the show is registered for eligibility.]

7 thoughts on “Inside the Arts: Theatre Edition, episode 13”

  1. Andrew Johnson says:

    Just listening to the first few minutes now. Was Simon’s mic not working?


    He comes in louder later on; perhaps his mic was switched off? There’s also an intermittent electronic sound that I wasn’t able to get rid of.

  3. Andrew Johnson says:

    Point of info: At around the 7:30 mark, there is some discussion of whether Aroma is the former Under the Volcano. As I recall, that space used to be Waldo’s. (I was there for brunch a couple times back in the day. I assumed that Waldo’s moved to the market and became Waldo’s on King, but I might have that part wrong.)

    Under the Volcano is still upstairs in the same building, in what used to be a Mexicali Rosa’s.

  4. Sorry I couldn’t make it for the interview. Thanks for the invite. Interesting discussion! Thanks for the plug for The Beat DISH Awards Jan. 18. I need to correct a mistaken idea that was conveyed re the DISH awards night. IT IS NOT FIRST COME FIRST CHOICE TABLES!! ONLY THOSE WITH RESERVED TABLES WILL SIT AT TABLES. Name cards will be at all tables. AROMAs needs reservations even for standing room only so I think the point the staff was trying to make was get there early for standing room only best spots. (As you have a table reservation Simon, you will have a table.) There will be entertainment at 7 pm and all interested in seeing just the awards should arrive by 7:45 pm…thanks and see you at The Beat DISH awards and at The Brickendens! Happy New Year everyone!

  5. Jim Cressman says:

    Very interesting discussion about “touring” shows (i.e. Masquerade coming to TAP Saturday night from Guelph for a reading ) and some excellent points on that are made by Jeff Culbert. Definitely worth a listen, as is the whole show.

  6. Jim Cressman says:

    Does anyone recall the last time Blithe Spirit was staged in London, Ontario. Thanks.

  7. I believe the last production was in the Grand’s 2002-2003 season. Jeff Culbert mentioned it in passing at the time.

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