The Boneyard Man

THE BONEYARD MAN is back — now in its lucky thirteenth year — with two brand new episodes! All your favourite Boneheads are polishing their underwear and pressing their shoes in preparation for another exciting evening of traction, trauma, misadventure and ear-splitting romance!

EPISODE 98: Murder, She Scribed

Margery’s aunt Ethica Fletch, a celebrated mystery novelist, pays a visit to The Big Apple where inevitably, murder follows. As events unfold, it becomes clear that the killer is acting out Ethica’s latest work-in-progress…but is it a case of life imitating art, or art imitating life? Or is it death imitating art? Or art murdering life? Or is it imitation murdering art? Oh, let’s just forget all this nasty business and have a nice cup of tea.

EPISODE 99: The Stinger

There’s a new crime-fighter in town and The Boneyard Man must team up with him to stop the criminal rampage of a very formidable nemesis—The Black Spot! Wha? But The Black Spot’s one of the good guys! Or is he? Isn’t he? He used to be! Now he’s a villain? Man, turn your back for a minute and everything goes loopidy screwball!

PLUS – QUALITY FILLER! Tracy Clue in Since Ewe’s Been Gone

The kids at Rochester High find their school spirit’s been fleeced when beloved mascot Eunice The Ewe goes missing. Only Tracy Clue and her Clueballs are ready and woollen to track down the missing sheep and collar the baaaad guys! It’s shear madness! No apologies for those puns! Cavort emptor!

Tickets: $10; available from the London Music Club, 519-640-6996, and at the door.

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