The Boneyard Man

Episode 55: The Lost Episode

Recently discovered on the lost script black market, this never-before-heard episode of The Boneyard Man will finally have its day! At last the mystery of why Episode 55 was never performed will finally be revealed… in all its pulse-pounding, teeth-shattering, nerve-rending glory!

Episode 100: Taxis of Evil

There’s a new cab company in town—The Brooklyn Taxi Club—and since they’ve opened their doors for business, there’s been a dramatic influx in the level of robberies, break-ins, disappearances and synchronized goose-stepping. Something evil is afoot—and The Boneyard Man plans to tread on its toes!

Ticket: $10; available at The ARTS Project, 519-642-2767, and at the door.

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                  The Boneyard Man

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                  Location: Wolf Performance Hall