Two by two (by two, by two…)

The official tag line for the twelfth London Fringe Theatre Festival is “It’s your play!”, but if there’s a theme to the performances it might well be “two”.

Which isn’t to say there’s less choice—with 46 companies participating, including eleven international productions, this is the biggest festival yet.

The festival features: two performance poets, jem rolls (IS PISSED OFF) and Matt. Miller (Skydiving in Suburbia); two dance shows, Love Is… and A Piece of: My Heart (Breaking); two stringed-instrument shows, 6 Guitars and Banjovial.

Two shows from previous Fringe outings are returning this year, archy and mehitabel (2010) and Chaotica (2008). Souled Out, performed as half of Channel Surfing’s Double Play series last year, is also on the boards again.

Two generations of Holowitzes are taking part in 2011: son Adam Corrigan Holowitz wrote and is performing Manor Park, and father Stephen is the composer and musical director for Crabcakes (a sequel of sorts to 2002’s Aloha Rodeo—in case you needed some more twos).

Four performers are taking part in two shows each: Jeff Culbert is the solo performer in both his one-man musical The Donnelly Sideshow and the aforementioned archy and mehitabel, Martin Dockery goes solo in Bursting Into Flames and doubles up (another two) with London’s Vanessa Quesnelle in Oh, That Wily Snake!, and Michael Davidson and Brennan Campbell both appear in R.I.S.K. and Mythic. (Bremner Duthie, here with ’33, a kabarett, will also appear in some performances of Joe’s Cafe, and Suspiciously Statuesque‘s Douglas McGeoch will be in the Fringe fundraiser The Screw You Revue.)

The Rocky Horror Show has two midnight performances on top of its regular schedule at venue 7. And finally, there are two special one-night-only events: the London Writers Society has FringeWords on June 20, and The Screw You Revue returns for one show on June 22.

So over to you: what two shows are you most anticipating?

A previous version of this article omitted Brennan Campbell and Michael Davidson from the list of performers taking part in two productions.