Inside the Arts: Theatre Edition, episode 18

This episode of Inside the Arts: Theatre Edition was broadcast on June 7, 2011. In this program, Jeff and Simon reminisce about their last three years hosting ItA:TE (né Theatre in London On the Air), then welcome their final guest, “ubiquitous local playwright” Jayson McDonald, who’s starting The Cannonball Cabaret on July 2 in the fall. The conversation shifts to developing professional theatre in London and expanding audiences, and then to Jayson’s introduction to theatre, comedy and writing. The last part of the show is dedicated to the Fringe circuit and the 2011 edition of London’s festival, which runs June 16 to 26.

Thanks to Jeff Culbert and Simon Goodwin for their great work over the last three years. Here’s hoping that CHRW will be able to find hosts of similar calibre as they continue to cover London theatre.

1 thought on “Inside the Arts: Theatre Edition, episode 18”

  1. Damon Muma says:

    Great discussion of arts in London and arts in general; and applicable beyond just theatre, too. I think the real goal in a town like this should be connecting likeminded people from all pursuits.. visual arts, music, theatre, digital, whatever.. I think people that value a certain type/level of expression (people who are more entertained by thinking, challenging, and being involved ) don’t care too much what medium it is (though maybe I’m just speaking for myself). But that way the core group of people who care can expand. There might not be too many ‘theatre people’ here, but there are a lot of people who are passionate and engaged wrt artistic expression. I think a lot of those people still don’t engage with theatre as much as they might.

    It’s definitely an important discussion to be having.

    Thanks for hosting the show over the years, guys (both on the radio and the web). It was a good’n.

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