Prop building workshop

Join Andrea Surich, Production Manager, John Shearer, Head of Props, Lisa Wright, Head of Wardrobe and Heather Jackson, Production Driver, for an illuminating talk about the process that takes theatre from the design page to the stage. See scale models of past shows produced at The Grand Theatre as well as examples of costumes and props from those shows.

For each show at The Grand Theatre, we require many props—anything used on the stage that isn’t a costume or part of the set—on the stage. This could include anything from a potato peeler or a record player to a book or a donut, depending on the show. Go behind the scenes and learn some of the tricks of the props building trade! Working backstage in our prop shop you’ll learn how to create a food prop from scratch. Please wear old clothes as paint/glue and sparkles may be employed.

Advance registration is encouraged.

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    1. 10:00 am
      Prop building workshop

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      Location: The Grand Theatre

Location: The Grand Theatre