The Keith Richards One Woman Show

This original play collides fantasy, rock ‘n’ roll and pure heart in its exploration of image, excess and the inspiring endurance of the legendary co-founding member of The Rolling Stones — Mr. Keith Richards.

As a one-woman powerhouse, Deanna Jones plays multiple characters — including Anita Pallenburg, Gram Parsons and Mick Jagger to name a few — while taking audiences on a sleep-deprived trip through Keith’s life. Collaborator and Stones enthusiast Kevin Richardson (aka Attic Daddy) plays a live rock score that invokes the world of The Stones and, in particular, the raw sounds of Richards.

Tickets: $10; available at the door.

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    1. 8:00 pm
      The Keith Richards One Woman Show

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      Location: The Third Floor

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      Presented by Suitcase in Point

      Location: The Third Floor