The Continuing Adventures of The Boneyard Man

Featuring two new episodes, The Inn-Mates and Assault on Police Club 13.

Episode 108: The Inn-Mate
An unscheduled stopover in the middle of Nowhere, West Virginia, lands LePage in the nest of a family of degenerates hell-bent on making him their personal play-thing. Just as disturbing as it sounds!
Episode 109: Assault on Police Club 13
After doling out one too many violent crackdowns on the gangs of New York, Police Chief Fitzhenry finds his precinct under siege. Outnumbered, outgunned and outclassed, Fitzhenry must team up with his number one ass pain LePage Cranbrook to liberate the station!
PLUS! Super Bonus Quality Filler — “The Lurid Crime Docket: The Charity Lawbreakers”
Chief Fitzhenry puts his foot down on the faces of a church group who thought they’d be clever and run a little unlicensed charity bingo for a so-called “orphanage!”

Tickets: $15 adults, $5 children (under 16, must be accompanied by an adult); available at the door.

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                  The Continuing Adventures of The Boneyard Man

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