Fringe the 13th

Fringe the 13th. Forty-five shows, nine venues (Yes, nine. “But aren’t there 10?” No. Unless you can find Venue 4…), 11 days. Where to start??!!?

Our team of hearty (and possibly foolhardy) TiL reviewers will have a whole mess o’ reviews for you by Monday, June 11; some keeners may post reviews earlier. But you’ll be wanting to start your Fringing before then, of course.

To help you out on opening weekend, I give you my idiosyncratic list of suggestions, based purely on performers’ previous work:

  • Bookworm
  • The Dark Fantastic (which doesn’t open until Monday—be the first to see it!)
  • Debris
  • Epic Pitch
  • Forty Wonderful
  • F***ing Stephen Harper
  • Hard Times
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • The Italian Lesson
  • The Purdy Boys in “Midnight at Mystery Point”
  • This is Not the End

Don’t miss the performer showcase tonight (Wednesday, June 6) at the convention centre. It’s an opportunity to see most of the performers in action, and can be very useful in helping you choose what to see during the festival.

And talk to other people in ticket line-ups—they may recommend a show you hadn’t even considered….

Please Fringe responsibly.

3 thoughts on “Fringe the 13th”

  1. Paul Connolly says:

    I guess we’ll have to rely on TiL reviewers and people in line-ups: the Fringe doesn’t appear to be offering audience members an opportunity to make on-line comments about the shows they ‘ve seen as has been the case in previous years. Or are they?

    P.S. — I’ll recommend Ice Cream Musical (opens June 7–today–, 9:15pm, Arts Project) based on my experience of this company’s show at least year’s Fringe.

  2. @Paul: Comments are turned on now on the Fringe site. Navigate to each show’s page and you’ll get a form very similar to this one.

    Regarding Ice Cream Musical: recommendation seconded!

  3. Corin Raymond, who’s performing Bookworm, sent out these recommendations in his newsletter:

    Tonight at The Convention Centre I got a little taste of about 30 of the 45 productions included in the London Fringe this year, and there are three which I’m determined to see which are not mentioned in the LFP pre-buzz list:

    Vernus Says Surprise (Ottawa)

    Underneath The Lintel (Minnesota, US)

    Epic Pitch (Toronto)

    I am compelled, after seeing the teasers, to see these shows. If you want to catch some shows but aren’t sure where to start, I’m recommending these three right off the hop.

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