The Boneyard Man

Old No Eyes returns with two brand new Boneyard Man adventures!

  • Episode 110: Pins And Needles

    A Voodoo priestess exacts revenge on the NYPD by turning Manhattan’s citizens into mindless zombies. Can The Boneyard Man stop her fiendish plan before New York becomes a quiet, peaceful place where everyone does what they’re told and doesn’t complain?

  • Episode 111: Paging Dr. Murder

    LePage’s routine surgery visit becomes a posthumous malpractice suit waiting to happen as a silent killer stalks the antiseptic halls of St. Finnegan’s Hospital.

  • Plus! Free Bonus Quality Filler: “Tales From The Basement: House Of The Unwell”

    A perfectly sane but misguided scientist creates a formula for restoring life to the dead…but at what cost?

Tickets: $15 adults, $5 youth 16 and under with accompanying adult; available at the door or by calling the London Music Club, 519-640-6996.

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      The Boneyard Man

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