When the Ice Breaks

The War of 1812 come to life in this interactive, family-friendly play.

This 90-minute play with live folk music will be performed in the midst of the Museum London exhibition Stories of War: A Personal 1812. Rather than a re-enactment of historic events, the play focuses on personal stories such as the life of a typical household in Upper Canada at the time. Audience members are invited to travel through kitchens, sitting rooms and back passageways, getting an intimate view of the lives of settlers.

Tickets: free.
Appropriate for ages 8 and up.

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    1. 2:00 pm
      When the Ice Breaks

      See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2013/04/when-the-ice-breaks/ for details.

      Location: Museum London

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              Presented by Down n' Out Productions

              Location: Museum London