Bicycle Opera

The Bicycle Opera Project brings Canadian contemporary opera to communities across Ontario by bicycle!

We bring Canadian music to people who might otherwise have little opportunity to hear it, and work to close the distance between audiences and opera singers through performance in intimate spaces. The project focuses on operatic repertoire that deals with contemporary issues relevant to all audiences. Our scenes are sung in English (with one in French) so that audiences can more readily relate to the material.

In July 2013, we will be cycling to London, demythologizing the idea of “the opera singer” (we get dirty too!) and operatic traditions (who says we can’t cycle?), and providing a car-free alternative to touring.

Scenes include:

  • Rosa – James Rolfe and Camyar Chai
  • Little Miss All Canadian – Lemit Beecher and Liza Balkan
  • Cake – Monica Pearce
  • The Enslavement and Liberation of Oksana G. – Aaron Gervais and Colleen Murphy
  • Trahisons liquides, excerpts – Stacey Brown & Sébastien Harrisson
  • Slip, excerpts – Juliet Palmer and Anna Chatterton

Tickets: $20 adults, $15 students;available online and at the door ($25).

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          Bicycle Opera

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          Location: Aeolian Hall

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              Presented by The Bicycle Opera Project

              Location: Aeolian Hall