The Odyssey

Driftwood Theatre takes you on the greatest journey of love, adventure and the search for home ever told: The Odyssey.

“Twenty mortal years Odysseus. No matter what graces the gods heap upon you, you can’t believe you’ll find your home as you left it.”

The great general of the Trojan war, Odysseus, has been missing at sea for twenty years. His wife, the Ithican Queen Penelope, struggles to maintain the safety of her kingdom, her son and herself in the face of an increasingly hostile hoard of suitors. When a stranger arrives offering the fantastical story of her missing husband, does she dare hope that he might still be alive?

Tickets: pay what you can (suggested donation $15).
Reserved seating (physical location only) is available. Lawnchairs and/or blankets can be rented for an additional fee.

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        1. 7:30 pm
          The Odyssey

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          Location: Springbank Gardens

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              Based on the epic poem by Homer

              Presented by Driftwood Theatre Group

              Location: Springbank Gardens