The Boneyard Man

Stop the presses! The Natural Broadcasting Company has been released from prison en masse and have decided to jump headfirst into a brand new season without any heed or warning!

We’re all very excited for this landmark season — particularly head writer Jameson McDermott who has shunned the weight-lifting and hoop-throwing delights of yard time in favour of concocting a fiendishly fun season-long event. Doomsday Clock is a twelve-part story arc that will wind through the season and culminate in a bangtastic climax come May. Get ready for a return of some of the most nefarious villains and stalwart heroes that have appeared in The Boneyard Man‘s adventures over the past fifteen years! You won’t want to miss a single episode! And here’s more exclamation marks!!!

  1. Hailing Honky: For Manhattan’s hardest working and most dangerous cabbie, life on the road has its shares of ups and downs. When Honky just wants to call it a day and surprise his mother on her birthday, he suddenly becomes the most popular ride in town. Will he get through his fares in time to get to his mom’s before the day’s end or will he miss her birthday again, for the thirteenth time in a row?
  2. The First Annual Trans-Jurisdictional Police Club Games: Prologue to the “Doomsday Clock” story arc. Police Chief Patrick Fitzhenry gets the opportunity to prove that New York’s Finest can whip New Jersey’s Top Drawer any day of the week when Jersey Chief Angus MacFergus challenges him to a series of police-themed sporting events. But when a real crisis rears its ugly head, can the two bitter rivals put aside their differences long enough to keep the peace? “No!” hollers Precedent from the back of the room.


The Lurid Crime Docket: “Catmergency”: Fitzhenry meets his match when a cat gets stuck in a tree. Seriously, that’s the whole premise.

It’s the start of another nail-filing, pedicuring, hair-cutting season of The Boneyard Man! Old No Eyes wants you to drop everything and head on down to the LMC this Sunday — and The Boneyard Man always gets what he wants! If you replace “always” with “never” and “gets” with “buys” and “what he wants” with “street meat.”

Tickets: $15; available online (plus $1.50 service charge) and at the door.

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      Location: London Music Club

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