To Bee or Not to Bee

To Bee or Not to Bee is a play that paints a vision of the future where mankind suffers extinction due to their inability to unite and overcome greed and conflict in order to save the bee population. This vision of the future is seen through a dream of a ten-year old girl after she hears a newscast about the current pollinator crisis. In her dreams she travels to the world of the bees and attends the court of the Queen Bee. She witnesses the interactions of alien visitors as they explore why and how the humans met their end. She travels to a government hearing where she hears the side of big business and the efforts of beekeepers as they try to pass legislation banning the use of dangerous pesticides. Finally she dreams that she is the last human left alive in the whole world. When she wakes up she realizes that it was all just a bad dream, and there is still time left to change the terrible course mankind is on. With her family she makes a plan to act before it is too late.

Tickets: free.

Presented as part of the L.O.O.K. eco-arts festival.

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                  To Bee or Not to Bee

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                  Location: Queen's Park

              Location: Queen's Park