Targeting Your Audience

Surviving and Thriving on Less and Less

How do you make the most with the minimal marketing resources?

The world is changing quickly and the methods for reaching your audience are rapidly expanding. Is it the method or the message that makes the difference? Where do you find your audience? How do you bring them to your activity? How do you keep them and grow them – in numbers and in programming interest?

In this workshop for small, mid-size and self-producing theatre companies, we will demonstrate how to have more success by defining, finding, growing and retaining your audiences. We will give you the tools to develop an adaptable marketing strategy and the tactical plan to implement it.

By guiding you through a review of what you are currently doing, Cheryl Ewing will help you adapt your marketing to the new reality – a world where we are increasingly crunched for time, bombarded with messages and feeling isolated. We will take a look at recent advances in values-based marketing and relationship building, and we will explore how we can encourage people, using the most cost-effective methods, to invest in their mental health by attending your theatre. Participants will be asked to bring samples of what their company or theatre is currently using for marketing, as well as sharing stories of successful ideas, and those that didn’t work so well. Working together, participants can expect to take home a fresh eye for marketing supported by new and practical ideas and tools.

Registration: $169.50 Theatre Ontario members, $226 non-members; subject to $1.50 administration fee.

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                  Targeting Your Audience

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                  Location: Jessica Tandy Rehearsal Hall